We've seen every kind of fixture known to man, and we've help install them, too.

  • Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

  • Counter Tops

  • Faucets Residential & Commercial

  • Food Waste Disposers

  • Toilets Residential & Commercial

  • Water Heaters, Gas & Electric

  • Sump Pumps

  • Ejector Pumps 

  • Lawn & Area Drains

  • Floor Drains

  • Smoke Testing Odor Location

  • Pipe, Septic Tank Location

Conventional Trenchless Technologies

For big or small jobs, we've got everything you need to get them up and running.

sewer & drain


No matter what kind of water you have running from one place to another, we're experts.

  • Color Video Inspections

  • Hydrojetting

  • Main Line Stoppages

  • Drain Stoppages

  • Roof Drains

  • Clean-Outs Installed

  • Wall Heaters

  • Floor Heaters

  • Solar Systems

  • Thermostats

  • Gas Space Heaters


If you don't think of plumbers when you think of heating, let us change that.


Sometimes a job requires something new, something different, something totally unique. 


In addition to plumbing, We also offer a full general construction services.Click on the construction tab to see a full list of construction services


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Coast 2 Coast Plumbing, Inc.

Coast 2 Coast Plumbing, Inc. is an independently owned Commercial Plumbing company based out of Orange County, California. Coast 2 Coast Plumbing services some of Southern California's largest property management companies serving commercial buildings, residential apartments, and both private and public schools. Coast 2 Coast Plumbing, Inc. is fully licensed, insured and can provide verification directly to clients via Compliance Depot and Vendornet upon request

Coast 2 Coast Plumbing Inc Team

Coast 2 Coast Plumbing's master plumbers have over 15 years experience in Plumbing, General Maintenance, and Property Management. Our team of plumbers are all trained personally, and specialized in both big and small jobs. If you are looking for experienced, professional plumbers, Coast 2 Coast plumbing, is "A Hand You Can Trust." We look forward to creating a positive working relationship with your company, and proved you quality service for all your pluming needs. 

Services Provided


C-36 B - General Lic. #900704